Where I will be in Japan and When !

Departure Stockholm 4th

I will be busy until 17th of April. I will then be in Kobe.
My personal Trip will Start in Tokyo the 21/22nd of April.

Later I will try to move upwards to Miyagi prefecture 25-27th april.
After that I will be in Kansai from 4th of May.

April 30th -2nd May –  Tokyo

May 2nd -3rd              – Shizuoka

May 3rd – 5th               -Nara

May 5th – 7th                -Hiroshima

May 7th – 8th                -Chugoku Area

May 8th – 17th               -Kyoto

May 17   –  2nd june     -Kansai in general

The schedule will vary and the best is to stay tuned on my blog and Facebook page



Music by William Vuong https://soundcloud.com/william-vuong

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