The change! From Canon to Nikon

From Canon to Nikon

Why I chose to Change brand

I have always had a Canon in my hand. I have tried to shoot mirrorless
in parallel but it never stuck. I like the mirror too much, even if it is noisy.
So the opposite to Scott Kelby

What changed?

Canon was too stuck in making everything by them self.
Do you think a Photographer doing his job but at the same time
the job as a makeup artist, hair stylist, assistant and a retoucher would
come out as a good combo. I don´t think so. It would be very hard and
somewhere it has to fall short in quality. Really fall.

So I am focused on my photography, teaching it,
learning new and retouching to my taste of wine.

What tools do I need?

Cameras are tools just as a drill from Makina or Hitachi.

Different brand same purpose but with its own touch.

My kind of photography is like the making of that lovely glass of wine.
Preparation, preparation, tuning, testing, shoot, cork it.
So in other words, Have a finished product in mind.
Prepare everything that could possibly be needed, Location spot,
Add a touch of Vincent Palma Photography in camera and later
finish the image in post production.
!!Voila!! VPP Original just as that type of wine.

Just so that I don’t get out of topic too much…

Nikon, thats right… what was it. . Yeah! The sensor!
Sony! Nikon gave in or rather realized they could focus on
something else than the sensors because Sony already did them
and they make them really good. Because of this Nikon do focus
on the A/D converter and maybe weight, functions, and picture-usability.
Even tho I must give credits to Canon, they make the best menu system and
ergonomics there could possibly be, and Autofocus is nice.
Because of this I do think of going back.
But not yet!

Nikon D750 has the Dynamic Range of a human eye!
Not really but almost. I had fun in Lightroom the first weeks with
the exposure slider, when the Canon 5d MKIII raw files could not
handle more than +1-2 exposure increase in post before it tears the
image apart with noise!!! The Nikon D750 could do +5 increase
without a frickin tear of sweat!

I felt so limited with this it made my shooting harder.
Some might find this lazy thinking but It is all about being able to focus on your thing.
Being Creative with your Tool of choice.

So until Canon realizes this that they could focus on A/D converters and use

Sony sensors instead I will keep using other brands.


With Nikon I also have the possibility to use old lenses which
I think is a good way of becoming Creative as a Photographer.

Use mirrorless and then you can use any lens.
Sure that option is there and I have tried it.
It is not the same as having a mirror tho. There is also
the possibility to change the focusing screen to work better
with old lenses But for the moment I don´t need that.

What about strobes ? Can you use HSS (High speed sync)
with mirrorless cameras and third-party accessories = Not really

The only camera that is mirrorless that I could think of owning for
the moment and use as a main shooter is the Fujifilm X100T
It can sync at any speeds with strobes 😛 And it has an 35mm view.

All this in short for those who still don´t get it
I chose the Nikon D750 Because of the Image Quality, the
time-lapse function, tillable screen and the possibility to use old Lenses

I would choose the canon if you always have perfect light, strong shoulders
and the nice grip and ergonomics. Also because the 135mm f2 lens that I miss!

This is my story for the moment and I might come up with something new to say.

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