Photoshoot with Krimskrams

A fantastic duo which focuses on instrumental music with simple objects that anyone has at home.
On this photoshoot I had to find a piano and I found one that was on its way to the dumpster.
I moved it to this beach in Stockholm and left it overnight. That very night it started to snow again in Stockholm and the piano got even more authentic looking after that night.

I used one strobe in a softbox and from the other side a reflector to fill in shadows.

Very special photoshoot and I could not have done it without help from
Viktor, Miyako and of course the Duo krimskrams
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Presentation taken from their page on

has the meaning in swedish : knick knacks
Our music always short. We use a variety of sounds to write music : nature, electronic, tools,

like familiar objects close to you.
The project ” Krims Krams ” exists since 2012, created by

piano, trumpet, melodica…photography.

drums, sax, piano, harmonica… engineering.

In concert, we presents a very original show, with a theatrical dimension, a lot of humour sound, and a good sense of adaptation to the acoustic of the place, where you can listen:

– New original compositions
– Improvisations and simple electronic compositions
– Pieces by japanese composer Ryuichi Sakamoto
– Pieces by swedish jazz
– Japanese & Swedish Folk music etc.

 check them out on

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