1 on 1 Photography courses

All are tailor made for the student.
Learn from a working photographer how to think, execute and proceed forward.

Learn your camera and simple photography thinking.
Continue the courses to graduate with studio knowledge and shooting models.
And of course how to use your camera without looking.

There is a total of 3 different photography courses available.
From learning basic camera functions to be able to work on an outside studio with a model.

Photography Courses comes at 2000skr per course.

Course language : Swedish / English / Japanese

All graduate attendees gets to participate in local photowalks and themed talks

1 on 1 Lightroom courses 

Learn to retouch , organize , print  and export for everyone to see!
The importance of organizing your images and make them pop out from the crowd is important.
Why would you photograph if not thinking like this? I will teach you how to think in Lightroom and make your crowd amazed. You will be able to retouch a photograph and knowing what to do faster and easier than never before! As a bonus I will give each student a set of Presets for Lightroom. Use these to give effects to your images as fast as one click of a button.

1 on 1 Adobe Lightroom Coursers comes at 2000skr

Course language : Swedish / English

1 on 1 Simple Adobe Photoshop courses

Do you wonder where to start ?
This course will make you stop wonder and start creating. By teaching you the essentials in Photoshop you can start retouching like never before and start creating art. Put effects on images, retouch portraits, make huge landscape images, learn how to save your images for different purposes and give you advice on how to proceed from an idea you have.
A recommendation for the Photoshop students are to get a Wacom tablet for easier use.

1 on 1 Adobe Photoshop Courses comes at 2000skr

Course language : Swedish / English


Each course has 5 sessions at 60 min each. 

For a start these courses will be held in Stockholm.
Online courses can be arranged.

Send an email or call for enrollment



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