Princess in White

Hello my beautiful friends !
A beautiful picture for you to stare at!
At a garden in Nagoya a fairy tale is being told
about a innocent young girl…..
And you probably know the rest !

Used a 90 cm softbox from left and the wind for the red scarf.
Had to take another picture because my light holding assistant would be visible…. 

A collaboration with the ! Nagoya Photogs !
Masako, Asuka, Kazumi! You are all awesome!
And our gorgeous model Akie! We need to make more beautiful stories !

Sadly Im not happy on how my Nikon renders the red colors… shame shame. 

To make this image more fluid and attractive I used a red cloth that the wind could play with and also flash to still the movement a bit and to make the subject pop out from the background. Also by using the 135mm length with an aperture of 2.8 made the background blurred while the subject sharp. This helps also to give this effect I was aiming for.




Godox flash と90cmのソフトボックスが光で、風が赤い服を飛びさせました!



Vincent Palma Photography-10

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